Price Guide

How Much Does Plastering Cost ?

Well thats a hard question to answer but as a general guide heres an approximate price guide for Birmingham Plastering Services ,including materials ,and a rough time scale for some of our plastering services below :-

Re-Skim Small Room
£325 2 day

Re-Skim Medium Room
£440 3 days

Re-Skim Large Room
£520 3-4 days

Re-Skim Small Ceiling
£240 1/2 day

Re-Skim Medium Ceiling
£320 1 day

Re-Skim Large Ceiling
£425 1 1/2 day

Plaster patching/with labourer
£230 per day

Tyrolean house front
£1450 3 days

At Birmingham Plastering Services we strive to keep our prices competitive with other plastering companies in the Birmingham area ,although we cant answer for other plastering companies expenses ,we will try our utmost to match any quote you may have already received .Prices ,quotes and invoices are available online .

Just get in touch and we can negotiate a price that makes everyone happy .

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