How To Mix Plaster Properly

How To Mix Plaster Properly

How To Mix Plaster Properly

One thing you will need to get right when your plastering is the mix . How to mix plaster properly is one of the most important factors you need to get right straight from the beginning .Either to runny or to thick and your up against it before you even tip it from the bucket .

Depending on the size of the area needing to be plastered will depend on the amount of skim you need to mix but a full bag of finishing plaster will need one full builders bucket of water ,or approximately 12 litres .Which should cover around 10 square metres according to British Gypsum .

Add the water first ,then add 1/3 of a bag and plaster mix ,rinse and repeat until you have the entire bag added to the water .Run your guage trowel around the inside of the bucket to add any dry plaster back into the mix and mix again .Now keep mixing until the whole mix is smooth ,once its mixed you will see bubbles bursting on the surface instead of lumps of unmixed powdery skim .When the texture of the mix is similar to a macdonalds milkshake you are ready to go .You now have 1 hour and 30 minutes to use the mix ,so you better get cracking straight away .

So now you know how to mix plaster properly you1ll just need a few tools to get the job done .

Necessary  equipment

  • Mixer
  • Gauge Trowel
  • 2 Large Buckets (one for mixing the other for cleaning tools)
  • Fresh, clean water
  • Finish plaster


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